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Beta Website?

Curran Septs a posted Mar 18, 13  -  TAGSBETAOMGWTFBBQWebersite:3
Hey everybody! Want access to the BETA Furry-Friendly website? Well here you go! http://furryfreindly.webs.com/ Put your feedback on my profile on Steam or in the comment section and if you want, it could become the new official website! It's your call guys.


Hello and Thanks!

Curran Septs a posted Mar 2, 13  -  CommentFriendsFurryTAGS!Thanks
Hello all Fur-Friends! I just wanted to say thanks for joining my Website and for all the nice comments I've gotton for it. But there is some bad news, due to financial problems some modules won't be available.
So until i can fund the website the Gallery, Chat, Events, Contact and Activity will be down. Thanks for you'r understanding.


Back up!

Curran Septs a posted Jan 22, 13
Hey guys! Sorry the Website hasent been running as it should. and from now on i'm gomma make shure that it will

PurpyBunneh Nice Website I love the look =^w^=
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